Feb 4, 2017
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Barrel-Aged Cocktails

A Quick Guide To Barrel Aged Cocktails

Interested in taking your cocktails to the next level? A growing trend among do it yourself beer makers a well as bars is to age the cocktails. Known as barrel aged cocktails, these drinks provide a better more complicated taste. Below we review the process, how long you should wait, what sizes you may want to consider, and the benefits of using small whiskey barrels.

The Process

So what does it mean to be a barrel aged cocktail? A cocktail is defined as a generic alcoholic drink that consists of two or more ingredients with at least one of those ingredients being alcohol. The benefit of using a barrel to age cocktails is that it enhances the flavors, allowing them to grow and expand when sealed away. Flavors will harmonize together, harsher elements will be removed, and you will end up with a drink that is something else entirely. Once you are done, you can bottle it as a gift or gift the entire barrel to someone. Get a "make your own whiskey kit"

How Long Should I Wait?

Waiting will depend on what you are trying to accomplish. For example if you want the barrel aged cocktails to develop a flavor from the barrel, then you may be looking at months. However, if you simply want to develop and expand on the flavor of the cocktail to create a richer experience, then 2 to 3 weeks is all you will need.

What Size Should I Consider?

One of the best sizes to consider is a small whiskey barrel. Providing around 3 gallons worth of space, the small whiskey barrel allows more than enough room for you to age a lot of spirits. You will have enough cocktails to provide for all of your guests for a party or enjoy on your own for weeks at a time.

Previously Used Vs. New

There is a market of previously used small whiskey barrels on the market. These barrels will already have been charred and used specifically for whiskey. Find out how whiskey barrels are made here. The benefit of using them for your own cocktails is that they can impart a stronger whiskey flavor onto what you are creating. The results however will be inconsistent as it will depend on the whiskey barrel you buy and how used it was before you get your hands on it. New small whiskey barrels on the other hand are dependable and will provide the same flavor enhancement every time.

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